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'Bongo Massive'

album out now on CD and double vinyl

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DJ magazine review nov 02

Choc Electrique's 'Bongo Massive' album is dedicated to the fond memory of Pascal Benadjaoud (AKA Pascal's Bongo Massive), one of the world's finest percussionist and original member of the group known accross the music industry who passed away last year. The other members of the band, Philippe Lussan, DJ Digit and Illinton took a break from the project before returning to the fold to complete their album. Out 18th November 2002, based around the percussions of Pascal, the album features additional contributions by fourteen guest musicians. The aim from the onset was to blend electronica and dance music with the finest acoustic performances from musicians accross the world.

The Cast:

Pascal's Bongo Massive: Producer / all Percussions (all tracks)
Philippe Lussan: Producer / Piano / Keyboards / Beats / Programming (all tracks except 5)
DJ Digit: Producer / Beats / Programming / Vocoder (2,5,6,7,8&13)
Illinton: Producer / Keyboards / Beats / Programming / Vocoder (track 2,5,7,8&13)

C.I.A.: Producer (track 7&13)
Colette Meury: Vocals (track 1&11)
Lisa Webster: Vocals (track 4)
Rola Benadjaoud: Voice (track 5&12)
Michael Osapanin: Chant (track 10)
Neil Conti: Drums (track 1,6&7)
Vlad J.: Guitar (track 1,3,4,6,11&12)
Jean Saint Jacques: Bass (track 2&12)
Edel Sullivan: Violin (track 3&12)
Adriana Marin: Cello (track 3&12)
Jamil: Al'Ud (track 2&8)
Jack from Astrodisiacs: Arp Keyboard (track 6)
Don Phillips: Bass (track 6)
Marcus Woxnerid: Bass (track 11)

CHOC ELECTRIQUE 'Bongo Massive' album

Album Sampler (MP3 mono / realaudio files)
Catalogue number: INVCD/LP 01 - released CD 18th November 2002, LP 16th December 2002

Track 1 to 13 - Entire CD album 67'21 RealAudio 28k R8 stereo (entire CD 67'21)
Note: we deliberately encoded the audio at the lowest 28k resolution as this is for promotional purposes only.
you can skip through tracks using the forward button in real audio player or enjoy the album in its entirety.
Choc Electrique CD cover
1 edge of time MP3 (252K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
2 da hood (part 1) MP3 (252K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
3 ensaneia MP3 (189K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
4 sweet surrender MP3 (252K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
5 l'homme bongo - sorry no audio
6 desert rain - sorry no audio
7 shadows MP3 (189K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
8 da hood (part 2) MP3 (252K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
9 alien spirit - sorry no audio
10 safari bleu - sorry no audio
+ bonus club remixes
11 edge of time (philippe lussan refunked mix(edit)) RealAudio 28k R8 stereo (5'57)
12 ensaneia (pll mahogany mix) MP3 (315K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
13 shadows (illinton's shadow warrior mix) RealAudio G2 stereo (2'10)

12inch Remixes sampler (RealAudio stereo or MP3 mono files):

Choc Electrique 'Edge of Time 2001'
INVT 010 - released 28th September 2001

A1 - Edge of Time (illinton massive edge remix) 7'35 RealAudio 28k R8 stereo (whole track 7'35)
B1 - Edge of Time (philippe lussan refunked mix) 5'57 RealAudio 28k R8 stereo (whole track 5'57)

B2 - Edge of Time (ksz and dj digit remix) 6'44 RealAudio 28k R8 stereo (whole track 6'44)

Choc Electrique 'Shadows Part 2'
INVT 009 - released 17th June 2001

sorry no audio file available at present

Choc Electrique 'Ensaneia Remixes' limited edition red colour vinyl
INVT 008 - released 18th May 2001

sorry no audio file available at present

Choc Electrique 'Shadows' e.p.
INVT 007 - released 20th November 2000

A1 - Shadows (illinton's shadow warrior mix) RealAudio 28k G2 stereo (extract 2'10)
A2 - Shadows (philippe lussan's phunked dub) RealAudio 28k G2 stereo (extract 2'26)
B1 - Shadows (mama's afro punk mix) RealAudio 28k G2 stereo (extract 2'16)
B2 - Shadows (album version)
B3 - Shadows (pascal's percumental)

Choc Electrique 'Edge of Time' e.p.
INVT 006 - released 18th July 2000
Vocals: Colette Meury

Edge of Time (Philippe Lussan funky mix) - MP3 (473K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
Edge of Time (Marco Funari k-factory mix) - MP3 (315K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)

Choc Electrique 'Ensaneia e.p.'
INVT 005 - released 12th June 2000

Ensaneia (PL Mahogany mix) - MP3 (315K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)
Ensaneia (Producteurs du Dimanche Overdub) - MP3 (315K, 16bit mono 44.1khz)

Choc Electrique 'Edge of time' video clip

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