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INVINCIS STUDIO 7 Equipment list

Invincis Studio 7 is the studio used on most of the Invincis releases. it is based around a Protools TDM system and our secret weapon Groove Tube MD3 valve mic used on nearly all our acoustic recordings.
We hire the studio on a regular basis as we do not use it every day for the label, contact us if you are interested.


Soundtracs Solo 32 Channel mixing desk

Digidesign ProTools III TDM sytem

Digidesign 882/20 audio interface

Protools 5.0.1 software

Logic Audio Platinum

Macintosh 9600

Formac 17" monitor

Motu MTP AV midi interface

2*9 gig external scsi drives

Prowrite 46HP CD burner

Yamaha CD burner

Fostex D80 stand alone HD recorder

Fostex D5 DAT recorder

Soundcraft Spirit Absolut 2 speakers

Yamaha NS10m

Samson Servo 260 amp

Jomeek VC3 mic preamp


Groove Tube MD3 valve microphone

Audio Technica 4033

Shure SM57

Shure SM58


Lexicon LXP15mk2

Alesis Quadraverb

Yamaha SPX90

Sony MP5

DOD 866 series II compressor

Alesis 3630 compressor

Behringer Composer compressor

Behringer Autocom compressor

Various guitar pedals

FAT THC00 Resinator

Keyboards/Sound modules:

Rhodes 73mk2 Stage Piano

Eleysian Upright Acoustic Piano

Fatar Studio 900 weighted master keyboard

Roland Juno 106

Roland alphaJuno 1

Yamaha TG77

Akai S3000XL

Emu Sampler

Akai VX90 synth

Emu Proformance+ piano module

Novation Basstation

Zoom 234 drum machine


Sony CD player

Numark TT100 turntable (2)

Bozak CMA10 mixer

Midiman C03 digital format converter

Grunding TK42 valve reel to reel tape machine

Tandy Disco lights

Electrolux fridge

Fujitsu air conditioning

AKG K240DF headphones

Koss Pro4 headphones

Ampeg B100 bass amp

Marshall 800 valve preamp

MTR DI3 d.i. box

Zip drive

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